PZ1165Horn Loaded Tweeters & Midranges

4-3/8" Piezo Horn Tweeter Similar to KSN1165A

Our PZ1165 piezo tweeter provides the same performance as the original CTS KSN1165A, so you can bring your vintage speakers back to life at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Product Details

The PZ1165 is specifically designed and engineered to be a replacement for the very popular KSN1165A piezo tweeters from days gone by. Using a 22 mm ceramic piezo element, our piezo tweeters follow CTS' original recipe and are far superior to most look-alike piezos.

With a wide frequency range and ample power handling, this is also a prime candidate for new designs, especially if the crossover requirements must be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Specifications: • Power handling: 60 watts RMS, 120 watts (internal protection circuitry dissipates up to 400 watts) • Frequency response: 1,800-30,000 Hz • SPL: 92 dB 1W/1m • Dimensions: A: 4-1/4", B: 4-1/16", C: 3".

Quick Facts

  • Perfect replacement for many classic loudspeakers
  • No crossover required - great for simple, economical designs
  • Frequency response into the ultrasonic range
  • Internal protection circuitry handles up to 400 watts of continuous power
  • Equal or superior to products being sold for 8-10 times our price!
  • 22 mm ceramic piezo element that follows original CTS specs


Diaphragm MaterialPiezo Ceramic
Power Handling (RMS)200 Watts