1TM-4 Tweeters

1TM-4 1" Mylar Tweeter 4 Ohm

We designed the 1TM-4 as a drop-in replacement tweeter for the masses. Low-cost Mylar tweeters are ubiquitous in the world of speaker systems, and the 1TM-4 will fit into models and brands far too numerous to list — vintage, modern, and all points in between.

Product Details

Now there’s no need to throw away your older speakers with blown tweeters, the 1TM-4 is the perfect replacement for common Mylar diaphragm tweeters found in many smaller or lower-cost speakers.


The round, 2-15/16" injection-molded frame fits the most common applications for these tweeters in enclosed loudspeakers, and is also easy to use in new low-cost speaker designs or line arrays. A phase shield also guards against curious fingers.


The 1" black Mylar diaphragm is rugged and smooth-sounding, and even resists incidental exposure to weather. The 1/2" voice coil delivers brilliant detail, while a robust ferrite magnet ensures high efficiency. Restore your affordable older speakers at an even more affordable price!


Note: This tweeter is an excellent drop-in replacement for the tweeter of the Dayton Audio B652 speakers! It’s essentially the same tweeter but made with a black non-metallized mylar diaphragm.


Quick Facts

  • Rugged 1" Mylar diaphragm
  • Lightweight and agile 1/2" voice coil
  • Round injection-molded faceplate with phase shield
  • Extremely commonly-used tweeter design


Product Specifications

Tweeter TypePoly / Mylar Dome
Cone / Dome Diameter1"
Impedance4 ohms
Power Handling (RMS)5 Watts
Frequency Response4,800 to 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB 1W/1m

Thiele-Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (Fs)3,200 Hz

Mounting Information

Overall Outside Diameter2.92"
Cutout Diameter1.96"