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Replacement Diaphragm Peavey Type Fits 22XT RX22 22A 22T 2200 10-924

Replacement diaphragms for Peavey horn drivers are expensive. Right? Well, not so much anymore. We offer this replacement diaphragm which is compatible with the RX22, 22XT+, 22A, and others — at about half the price of the OEM.

Product Details

This high quality replacement diaphragm is compatible with various horn drivers from the Peavey 22 series such as RX22, 22XTRD, 22A, 22T, 22XT, 22XT+, and 2200.


Don't waste good money replacing your entire compression driver or buying "name-brand" replacement diaphragms, when you can get these drop-in diaphragms and restore your speakers to original condition for a fraction of the cost.



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