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Replacement Diaphragm JBL Type Fits 2412 2412H 2412H-1 JRX & SF Models

Replacement diaphragms for JBL horn drivers are expensive. Right? Well, not so much anymore. We offer this replacement diaphragm which is compatible with the 2412, 2412-H, 2412-8, and others — for way less than the OEM.

Product Details

This high quality replacement diaphragm has a 1" voice coil, and 8 ohm impedance. It is compatible with various 2412 type horn drivers from JBL including the 2412, 2412H, 2412H-8, 2412-8, 2412-1, 2412H-1, 2412H-1-8, and 2412-1-8. These drivers may be found in a variety of JBL enclosures including the SF-15, SR-25, JRX100, JRX112, JRX112M, JRX112MI, JRX115, JRX115I, JRX-100, JRX-112, JRX-112M, JRX-112MI, JRX-115, JRX-115I, TR-125, TR-225, MP-215, EON1500, EON Power10, 125-10000-00x, and 339013-001X.


Don't waste good money replacing your entire compression driver or buying "name-brand" replacement diaphragms, when you can get these drop-in diaphragms and restore your speakers to original condition for a fraction of the cost.



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